When you take the time to observe Austin commercial painting contractors, you will find that their techniques help them get quality results with the least amount of time and effort. Here are some tips to consider, courtesy of a professional Austin commercial painting contractor:

Use Only Quality Painting Equipment

Any Austin commercial painter will know that the painting equipment used in the job is already half the project. Quality painting equipment will obviously get better results. For example, paint rollers that are cheap can cause the paint to not spread evenly and can even leave bits of fabric sticking to the paint. Cheap paintbrushes can also leave bristles to the paint and do not last long. Invest in quality equipment for better results!

Start with The Edges

To avoid painting beyond the intended areas, make sure you paint the parts near the trim and edges first. It’s hard for roller paintbrushes to completely paint these areas. If you roll paint first, you will have a hard time getting a smooth surface. Do not forget to paint the areas near the ceiling too.

Keep a Wet Edge

Getting a smooth finish is no easy task. The trick here is to not be stingy with the paint. Most amateur painters over-roll, trying to squeeze every bit of paint on a paint roller. This will result in uneven coats, especially on the higher parts of the walls. When painting, it is important to cover one part of the wall in one go, making sure that the paint is still wet when you finish.

Blending the Paint

When you go over an already painted area, it is important to not apply excessive force so that the paint coat is smooth. You have to be especially careful when painting near areas with different colors, as a mistake can cause you to re-do a whole part.

Washing the Roller

Keep your equipment well-maintained by washing the roller after the project is completed. It is not necessary to wash the roller every day, as you can just wrap the roller with plastic to keep the moisture in. Just make sure that the paint does not dry as it will cause the roller to harden. There are special tools used to clean Austin commercial painting contractor rollers which are available in any painting store.

Latex-based paint is easy to clean. Just scraping off excess paint and submerging the roller in a dishwashing liquid solution can clean most of the paint out. Oil-based paint is harder to clean. You need to first consult the paint label to know what chemical to use to remove the paint.

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