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Austin house painters use only the highest-quality paint, so it is only right that high-quality equipment should also be used. These facts are obvious, but still vital. Choosing the best quality Austin house painting equipment is one of the secrets to successful painting results. Consider these tips qualified Austin painting contractors follow when looking for equipment.


Two factors help in distinguishing a brush, those that have synthetic bristles as well as those made from natural bristles. The natural bristled brush is only ideal for the application of paint that is oil-based or alkyd. It is important that one put this into consideration at all times because this type of brush would absorb all water from latex paint, rendering its bristles limp and impossible to use when working.

Synthetic-bristled brushes, however, are multipurpose brushes. It is comfortable used when applying any paint, be it alkyd or latex paint. A quality paintbrush has flexible tips split towards the end for a finer finish. A tapered brush that has longer middle bristles compared to those at the edges. With this, it is much easier to paint a smooth and even layer of paint. A good quality brush should have bristles measuring at least half the length of their width. For instance, if you have a bush that is about two inches wide, the bristles should weigh an average of three inches in length.

An Austin house painter needs a slightly small brush to cut in between edges and corners as he/she works in the interior. For painting window frames, interior and exterior trims as well as moldings, you need a one to two and a half angled sash brush for the job.

Paint Rollers

An Austin commercial painting contractor would prefer rollers to brushes probably because they are quick and easy to use. Even so, ensure that you only use synthetic roller covers when dealing with latex paint. The best quality rollers will assist any Austin house painter in attaining any set goals and standards by retaining its original shape even when squeezed completely. These also have loose fibers. Based on the principle that a smoother surface requires a nap that is shorter. A rough surface, on the other hand, needs longer naps. Therefore, it is primarily necessary to select a nap that is of the right length on the roller cover

Roller cage frames also come in some different and unique styles. The best frames are those that have seals towards the end to help maintain paint at the place it belongs, on the rollers.

Paint Pads

Paint pads come in handy when applying paint in areas that are extremely hard to reach such as behind radiators and in corners. For instance, many paint pads designed with synthetic material or plastic foam that is ideal for any color.

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