It’s very hard to look at a wall that is full of scratches, scuffs, and marks. It can be an annoyance, but there is a way to restore the look of the wall – by painting over it. A simple touch-up on these areas will easily hide the blemishes.

For professional Austin painting contractors, retracing a certain color type is definitely easy. The use of modern technology can allow them to scan the paint to find the right hue and have the computer come up with a mix of colors to replicate the color by mixing paint. In this article, we’ll be discussing how you yourself can easily look for a certain wall color to paint over your existing walls.

Bring the Can

Bringing the can to your nearest paint store is the easiest solution to the problem. Professional paint color technicians will be able to check the tags on the paint to replicate the color in their system.

If you don’t have the can, you can always revisit the store where you bought the paint. Most stores store customer information for future painting projects, and you can always ask your seller what type of paint you bought before.

Bring a Piece of the Wall

If you don’t have the can and you’ve moved someplace faraway, one thing you can do to know what color you have is to take a piece of paint away from the wall. Once you have the piece, you can bring it to the nearest paint store and have them scan or check it to recreate the color. Take note that color might have already faded, so the color that the color technician might recreate could be lighter than the original color.

A one-inch square chip can be easily obtained by taking a utility knife a scraping some scuffed paint from the wall. Make sure that the area you’re taking from is not noticeable, because even when you paint over the area, you may still see the uneven part where you took it from. A sample can be taken from baseboards, windows frames, and even closets. To make it easier to repair, just take the top layer of the wall by gently scraping the paint.

Use a Color Card

Most paint stores give you color cards to help you decide the right color for your home. You can bring one of these with you back home and compare the swatch with the color on your wall. Again, the colors might already be faded, so keep this in mind when checking the color. Just place the color fan directly on the wall and flip the card until the wall color and the fan color matches.

Clean the Wall

For extremely dirty walls, it is important to have it cleaned first before attempting to match the color. You will either get a darker color shade or a lighter one depending on the state of the wall. Thus it is advisable to clean the wall thoroughly using warm water and some mild detergent before matching colors. Remember to let the paint dry first before attempting to match because wet walls can cause the paint to look darker.

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