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Epoxy wall paint renders better performance when you paint walls with lower and higher areas. It is a hard-wearing and tough water-based paint that can be painted on just about any surface, from ceilings to walls and to stairs and floors. Epoxy paint is also extremely impervious to grazing and scratching, meaning that it won’t be damaged by the overall wear-and-tear of daily life. Using a paint like this to any surface is typically best accomplished by a professional, as it can at times bubble and run. But it is inexpensive, commonly fume-less, and not likely to flake, so if you think that you can give this task a go, then it is something that is well worth doing yourself. Undertaking this project doesn’t require the help of an expert Austin painting contractor if you have some basic home enhancement skills. All an Austin painting contractor has got to do is follow a few standard procedures to get the work done easily and quickly.

Step 1: Be sure that the Surface is Clean

The primary step is to ensure that the surface that you will be applying the epoxy to is spotless. Clean it by rubbing with a paper towel partially soaked in liquid hand soap. Once clean, an Austin painter should dry the surface off using a dishcloth. Be very sure that the wall is completely dry as any dampness will affect the performance of the epoxy paint.

Step 2: Add the Epoxy

Start applying the epoxy paint to the surface. Stir the contents of the can thoroughly before use to get the best from your paint as this will aid in mixing the ingredients well, avoiding bubbling. Taking care not to leave parts of the brush behind or air pockets in the paint, apply the paint in wide, uniform strokes. Stir the remaining paint in the container from time to time because this will make sure that the ingredients hold together while you are applying the paint.

Step 3: Leave to Fully Dry

After the paint application is completed, you will have to let the paint dry completely for several hours for you to determine whether it will require another coating. You will have to make sure that no one touches the surface while the paint is drying. If you choose to do a double layer, in order to achieve a full coating of the area, you will have to be certain that the surface is entirely dry before applying another coat of Epoxy paint. Leave at least 24 hours to guarantee thorough dryness.

Step 4: Finishing

Before you finish the job, you will have to apply a layer of varnish to the surface. This will help provide more luster on the finish of the epoxy paint, and also give the wall a good seal. Again, you will have to hold your fire until the area is entirely dry before putting on the varnish. You may use a spray application to make sure that the walls are covered in a uniform coat.

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