Planning on painting your home with simple decorative Austin painting techniques. Here’s how to get those vertical and horizontal painting stripes that you want!

Step 1 – Decide Whether You’re Going for Horizontal or Vertical Stripes

Horizontal and vertical stripes have different effects on a room. For horizontal paint stripes, a spacious effect can be achieved. This is good for small rooms that serve large purposes such as living rooms and dining rooms. For vertical stripes, on the other hand, an illusion of a high ceiling is attained. Consider using this decorative technique for lobbies and rooms that connect to higher floors of a home.

Step 2 – Plan Which Materials to Use

For any painting project, one has to consider the painting equipment, type of paint, and paint color. Paint rollers are essential for the project to stay within the lines. Paintbrushes are also needed to cover the trims and edges of the walls. Consider investing in high-quality paint rollers and brushes that don’t leave lint or bristles on the paint.

For the type and color of paint to be used, it is best to consult with a professional Austin painting contractor first. They know the best brands to use to achieve your painting goals. All you have to do is to tell them what you are going for!

Professional painting contractors can help you choose the right colors to pattern your walls with. They have color swatches that have already been used in other homes. However, don’t be afraid to try out a color theme too!

Step 3 – Wait for the Paint to Dry

For those who plan on just painting over a coat of paint for the stripes, it is important to wait for the basecoat to dry first. Hurrying the project can cause the basecoat to bleed through the topcoat, ruining the final result. When the basecoat dries, make sure you outline the lines properly to avoid any redoes.

Step 4 – Mark the Walls Properly

Marking the walls is a must when making sure that you get the paint lines you’re going for. Before marking the walls, calculate the width and length of the stripes first. Many amateur painters make the mistake of setting a constant width for the stripes. They will soon realize that their stripes are disproportionate, resulting in an awkward strip placement. You can make sure that the stripes are in the proper place by using painters’ tape to mark the walls.

You can also use a chalk line to mark the walls. Blue colored chalk is the best option as the yellow and red colors happen to be permanent.

Never make the mistake of DIY painting without any prior knowledge of painting. When it comes to the best skill, training, technique, and equipment, the Painting Pro Guys Austin are the best Austin painting contractors for the job! Contact us today at (512) 865-6580 to get a free painting quote on your upcoming house painting project!