Wood fences are an economical way to expand your living space and create a beautiful setting to enjoying and entertaining in the outdoors. Wood walls are in direct contact with rain and sunlight, which deteriorate the fences as the work against the life cycle of wood and corrodes it. In years, when there is extremely hot or wet weather, the rails are prone to degrade. To increase the life of your wood fence, an Austin residential painter needs to seal it within a year of its installation.

Benefits of Sealing the Fences

Deck stains do the dual job of protecting rails from harmful UV rays of the sun and waterproofing the wood to save from water. Sealant prevents the wood from cracking or splitting and even maintains its natural color. Eventually, a sealant extends the life of your wooden fence and reduces your Austin house painting maintenance cost for years to come.

Recommended Fence Stains

There are lots and lots of wall-stains on the Austin painting service market, most of which anyone can use with a little bit of research and preparation on the materials needed to stain and seal the wood. The choice of product depends on the amount of natural grain of wood you want to display. If you want to show the wood’s natural beauty, then the clear or semi-transparent product is good for you. If you want your wood to last longer then, opaque should be your choice.

Below are some of the types of finishes available and the best options available for an Austin residential painter. If you want to explore the products which are out in the market, then visit Austin painting contractors reports as they publish their wood stain buying guide every year with the introduction of new products. They tell about the longevity period and results of certain stains.

Solid Fence Stains

Solid wall stains have a lifetime of three years. A solid stain is an ideal choice for those people who do not mind dark wood grain and do not wish to re-apply stain every year. A limitation to solid stains is that they may develop a film over time and peel, chip or crack.

Semi-Transparent Fence Stains

Semi-transparent stain partially allows your wood grain to show through. They are an excellent choice for woods with a natural finish like cedar, which you will want to showcase on your property. These stains are not weather resistant like solid solvents, and you will need to re-apply them after two years.

Clear Fence Stains

Bright rails stains do not contain pigment and water repellent. They are the ideal choice for those people, who want to maintain the natural grain of the wood. You need to re-apply this treatment each year or your wood will turn gray. Clear treatments may contain UV inhibitors and wood preservatives but, fence refinishing is a seasonal job.

Pricking Fence Stains

On average, the price of a fence stain lies between $28 and $40 per container. You can typically find these treatments at hardware or home depots. Don’t forget to check for special during post or pre-summer season.

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