Settling on the best color paint match for your home is an exhausting task. Thankfully, some developers have been kind enough as to come up with some mobile applications to help overcome this challenge. These can help many an Austin house painter in choosing paint colors. When searching for the best apps to use as an assistant for matching Austin residential painting colors, consider the list below.

Color Connect by Valspar

With this app, you can explore the different points available in some partnered retailers and Austin painting contractor from all over the country. In addition to this, there is the ability to upload your images and seek clarification with anything regarding the amount and types of paint combinations to use. Advice is there provided by expert Austin residential painting consultants through online chat and video forums within the app.

ColorSmart by Behr Mobile

With ColorSmart, you have the ability to explore color functions by shades, name or color family. Alternatively, the color match function is a feature that allows you to select any given color from your library list, and it automatically matches the chosen colors with any others existing in Behr stores.

With many color-match results for the same color, try to imagine these colors on your wall before you make the actual purchase. Some of these colors then out to be similar.

ColorSmart has a preview function that allows you to paint walls virtually. You only have to select the color you want and the walls you want to paint. However, this is a challenge because the rooms you paint in on the app have different designs from the actual wall you are thinking of painting.


Unlike all the other painting apps, PaintMyPlace is the only app that allows you to navigate freely across borders because it has no link to any painting company in Austin. Virtually paint your room by taking and uploading a photo of the wall you want to paint.

However, using this app requires some technical expertise, as you have to spread paint across your wall with your fingers or use a color filter function, equally hectic. Despite the fact that the app gives the user a general view of what his room would look like, it is not easy to ignore the huge mess one is liable to make while in the process.

Color Capture by Benjamin Moore

Out of all the apps, rates on iTunes, Paint My Place, and Color Capture managed to scoop a whopping four-star rating making them the best. It allows you to match colors and after that provides you with a set of four extra color shades closest to the initial color.

While at it, you can as well ask your friends on social media to help you in making the decision. Save and share the different color schemes with fans on social media as you scroll through the app.

Color Snap by Sherwin-Williams

The unique thing about this app’s color match feature is the ability to select different colors from a given photo, and come up with different color pallet combinations that best match the chosen color. Similarly, you can see how the colors would look like on a wall, even though the wall is entirely different from yours.

The best Austin residential painting company, the Painting Pro Guys Austin, have a keen eye for the best colors for your home. Give us a call today for more information on your painting options!