When it comes to house paint colors, one cannot say with certainty that one color type is the worst and categorize another as the best concerning decoration of the interior portion of the house. However, there exist certain guidelines that can help with getting the best color choices. 

Dining room colors 

Earthy tones gas has been one of the most common color choices for the dining room coloring options. The reason is due to the versatility and warm nature associated with the colors. Orange and red colors, as per psychology, are usually considered as appetite enhances and stimulating. For blue, it has related to dissatisfying effects and oppression, hence not a great color choice when used in the dining rooms. 



For the kitchen paint color, the cabinets act as the guide based on their high nature hence a kitchen color should match well with that of the enclosure. Peach, yellow and brown is some of the modern and great earthy colors that tend to produce excellent results regarding kitchen coloring. For the intense colors, they also might produce great results if only combined with the shades of lighter colors.  

Blue and green, especially in the more natural lighter shades, are not the best in the kitchen. A practical use if the darker versions of the two in accent can sometimes produce desirable results. Another exception is the Navy. For the cabinetry, when applied in lacquer and the mixed with brass or bronze that rubbed in oil and happened to be warm, the combination is one great color choice and creates a great appeal in the kitchen. Another great color appeal in the kitchen can be the tone of the sound on of white combined with shades of taupes and cream, then consequently warm marble. Another advantage of the look is the ease of update as well as timeless look it provides. 


Living room 

The mood in consideration and the overall room lighting and size provides for best guides when selecting a particular color choice for the living room. 

The attractive and warm features in our living rooms are colors such as shades of yellow, cream and even beige can also create an appeal. Achieve a formal look by the application of the fresh colors such as gray. The intense and extreme colors are poor color choices for the living room as they are capable of being very stimulating. An efficient use of shades of maroon and burgundy can create great results. 

Blue can also be a color of preference based on its association with the broad range of shades, fire, sky earth, and even the sea. The color, carefully combined with a gray color at the base provides an excellent and warm look than a clear-based blue. The reason behind the gray base is the versatility created as well as being able to pair with the cooler or warmer color tones. For prospects of a modern living room, try blue with a steely gray or tangerine orange. 


Bathroom colors 

The overall effect to be achieved acts as the guidelines for choosing bathroom colors. Some of the most popular bathroom colors include the light earthy shades, sea foam green and the light blue all in their natural shades.  It is mainly because of the relaxing spa feeling they create based on the feeling they create. 

Experts believe that for the bathroom, dramatic measures can do well and hence recommend the use of gray shades for the room because bathrooms have limited access to the natural light hence the recommendation of a Moody and dark color. 

Avoid extremely dark colors especially in a small bathroom based on the diminishing and small size effects they create in the rooms. When used, achieve dramatic results by the utilization of the very dark colors. 


Bedroom colors 

The best color approach to the bedrooms is usually the choice of light rematch tones, the green, and blue colors. Intense color shades such as the bright yellow, avoid red and jarring colors especially in vast areas because they happen to be very stimulating for a resting room. Corals, burgundy, and pink shades can, however, be used to create an effective color combination as well as achieve a romantic look for the bedroom.