A bedroom is everyone’s special haven that should free from tension and anxiety; therefore, picking the right color is a vital task. In an ideal world, it should be your own slice of heaven, and it’s not something so difficult to achieve. The first step is to choose the perfect paint color. Even though red may be your favorite color, it would certainly not contribute to turning your bedroom into a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary. Here are 10 paint color ideas that will set the atmosphere for an inviting retreat right in your own home. 


Let’s kick off with the most common bedroom paint color – white; as it’s the modest of all. Though white is also neutral, it works perfectly with bold red, gold, and blue. If you want to maintain a peaceful aura, combine those bold colors with grays and browns to help balance the neutral room with bright accessories 


Though neutral and simple, cream-colored surfaces allow you to play with an assortment of schemes and secondary colors in your master bedroom. Try complementing cream walls with dark colored furniture and patterns that feature creams, golds, browns, or cool blues. Or add a splash of bold colors such as blue to make a statement. 


Though perceived by many as a sad, negative color, gray would be an excellent choice for the bedroom because it would have an overall soothing effect. Grays can also create a soft and warm look and feel and a space coated in this color would be very calming after a long and vigorous workday. 


Many people avoid black because it’s such an intense color. However, it doesn’t have to look intense if you combine it with natural textures neutral accessories. Additionally, black is perfect for our purpose as it doesn’t reflect color and lets you relax even when it’s sunshiny bright outdoors. 

Chocolate brown 

Brown is a warm, earthy color making it an effective shade alternative for the master bedroom. It would give the space a comfortable and inviting feel. Chocolate-brown surfaces, paired with light-colored furnishings provide a modern finish to any bedroom. Pick an area rug that hi-lights chocolate brown to pull the room together. 

Burnt orange 

While intense colors can be overpowering in the bedroom, burnt orange can stimulate warmth. 

Light green 

Light green is calming and can be used in bedrooms with a more natural appeal, especially when paired with bamboo furnishings. It balances well with neutral tones but also with brighter shades such as coral, orange or yellow. 

Light blues 

Light blues depicts the serenity of the sky and sea; producing a tranquil and open feeling in the bedroom. Complement with dark furniture and white, sheer curtains, and it will be as if you’re in a beach home. 

Light purples 

Light purple tones, such as lavender and violet are less bold than hues of pink and red, though they are still romantic and feminine. These shades also match well with gray accessories. 


Very positive and cheerful, yellow is a good color choice if the bedroom is small and you want to make it appear more spacious or if the room has small windows. With yellow, you can transform the bedroom into a sunny and cheerful haven.