A deck is the most versatile space in a home due to the many designs, styles, and layout options available to choose from. A well-built deck style plan can seize a view and change an ordinary area in your home to an outdoor sanctuary that is spacious. There are various design options to pick from, such as a regular wood deck for grilling and entertaining to a more elaborate layout like outdoor living areas and kitchens. Despite the layout and design you choose, an amazing way of adding style to your deck surface is by painting.  

Painting your deck

A layer of paint does not only add a stunning color and flair to your deck but also shields it from damage from the sun and rain. Currently, the most preferred exterior paint colors for the deck are solid shades that offer complete coverage to shield your wood against damage from UV rays. Alternatively, you can consider the makeup of the paint. The best stains for decks are often water-based finishes as they are simpler to apply and would cover both dry and wet surfaces.  

Oil-based finishes offer deeper protection by seeping through wood and adhering deep within; however, they also tend to bubble when applied, leaving an ugly surface. If you reside in a wet neighborhood or experience long snow seasons, consider how these factors would affect the safety and durability of your painted deck style plan. Waterproof paint would protect your surface from mold, rot or mildew, commonly experienced in wet surfaces like the swimming pool deck.  

Bearing in mind that stained decks are more slippery when wet, it is crucial to select a non-slip wood deck paint to avoid accidents when it rains. Non-slippery paint designed for decks have sand or other additive ingredients in the paint to offer traction and help prevent accidental falls. After determining the kind of paint and finishing you prefer for your deck, it is now time to select the color. Some of the most popular deck painting ideas include tinted stains as opposed to solid colors.  

Staining your deck

Staining is the best way of adding color to your deck without moving away from the wood’s natural beauty and appeal. Stains boost the color of the wood and offer a fantastic finish that brings out the grains and texture of the material. Most commonly used exterior home colors are tans, neutral whites, and creams. Darker shades can be utilized for adding contrast to your home, thus creating a beautiful appeal for your deck. Some of the current deck staining ideas include gray tints and dark red browns. Depending on your layout’s deck, you can enhance more style by staining or painting your railings with a different color than the floor. 

Staining your floor’s deck is ideal as it boosts the natural look of wood. However, balusters and railings can be painted with various colors to add great fair and contrast to your deck. Deck railings can be made of metal, wood, or plastic, and are used for both safety and decoration purposes when installed on a deck.