Feng Shui’s ancient art acknowledges the profound effect of color shades on our emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Feng Shui further states that colors are connected to five elements of nature including fire, metal, earth, wood and water, playing a significant role in maintaining your space.

  • Bedrooms

Best colors: Earth tones like flesh shade pastels including light shades and sages, which are more muted.

Not recommended: Bright fiery colors like bright red, purple, pink and oranges. Darker shades of brown, black, navy blue, grays or dark green are equally discouraged.

Reason: Bedrooms should be quiet areas for rest and rejuvenation. Earthy elements are ideal for bedrooms. Too bright shades are active for the bedroom, and darker colors appear to be too depressing. For the kids’ bedroom, ensure you avoid purple or pink color shades. Use mint green and simply accessorize with pink or purple. These are too fiery for using in the bedroom as it reflects and illuminates the light in sunlight while becoming dull at night.

  • Bathrooms:

Best colors: pastels, Earth tones, whites

Not recommended: Blues, dark ‘watery’ shades like gray, black, dark brown, navy or green

Reason: Bathrooms already have too much of water elements present on the surface and walls from various sources. More of blue enhances the look and feel of more water, creating greater in-balance. However, nature balances the water element on the surface, restoring the room to its elemental balance.

  • Kitchens:

Best Colors: Earth tones and brighter colors

Not recommended: Black, red, gray, navy blue, dark brown and dark green

Reason:  Kitchens should be an active and happy space even though they have too much heat and moisture. The ideal elements to balance both is the natural element represented by terra-cottas and earth tones. These may be bright yellow, rich terracotta, gold or any other more golden shade. The kitchen is also less safe as one constantly works with fire and knives. Using water shade elements like black, dark blue, gray, green and brown enhance an artificial feeling; therefore, too depressing for a surface that should be more active and happier.

  • Dining Rooms:

Best colors: Sage green, earth tone, pastel and more muted colors

Not recommended: Red, gray, black, dark green, navy blue or dark brown are also too watery.

Reason:  The dining room should be a calm, peaceful space where one can relax and enjoy his or her time. Earth tones enhance earthiness, which one needs for great digestion. Apply a preferred color shade that is more muted; however, ensuring it is not a water element color like gray, black, dark green navy blue or dark brown. Similar principles apply for the bedroom as well.

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