Painting projects can be costly, but with the right planning and budgeting, you can maximize its benefits. The best of the best Austin commercial painters can help you establish the right budget, allowing it to be flexible as well as versatile.
All painting projects have several factors that are to be considered. You can even estimate the project to a T yourself. Listed below are 3 factors that mainly affect the total cost of the painting project:

Area Size

The amount of wall to be painted will be the biggest cost out of all elements in the project. Take the time to check which areas of your property need to be painted and have the measurements taken. A one gallon can of paint can cover up to 400 square feet, about the size of a small room or bathroom. If the wall has windows or doors, be sure to measure these sizes to as it can save you a considerable amount of paint. When you are aware of how much wall area needs to be painted, you can appropriately budget for the project.
An effect way to save on paint is to use accent walls. Accent walls don’t cover a whole portion of the wall, so you can still make use of the good parts where the paint hasn’t cracked or faded yet.

Product Cost

Paint can cost $20 to $70 gallons, with some designer brands even priced a $120 a gallon. This might not seem much for a small room, but it is important to remember that painting requires several coats, and some surfaces might need to be primed first. Inexpensive paint won’t solve this budgeting problem, as these cover less area, are quite messy, and will not last in the long run.
Even if the budget does not call for high-quality paints, never settle for the “cheap” paints. It is better to use a primer-paint combination, as long as it is still high quality.

Labor Expenses

In most cases of residential home painting project, homeowners are more likely to prefer painting their property on their own. However, in a commercial setting, hiring painters is the obvious choice. The problem now is that most commercial painters charge a lot more for these projects that they do for residential. Even some companies offer low painting prices but then start to add more to the budget once they see that they can still add more to the budget.

Take the time to plan your business’ painting project with these 3 key factors in mind. If you’re looking for a trusted, experienced, and professional commercial painting contractor in Austin, then Painting Pro Guys Austin are the guys for you. We understand the value a good paint work does to a business, and we are all about bringing the best out of a property. Our color experts can help you decide on which colors are best for your company and our painters work at a fast pace, ensuring that your business will be back in no time. Call us today at (512) 865-6580 to get your project quoted!