For any given project to attain a successful completion, the costs incurred are to be accurate. For art projects associated with the exterior portion of the house, the experts must be able to determine all the costs related to the project. For you to achieve the level of project cost, the price estimation must be flexible and adaptable. 

To estimate the costs involved in exterior commercial painting: 

The technical implications and the scope of the projects are just but some of the parameters to look deep into to get accurate cost estimations. When determining the cost of exterior commercial painting, experts advise on giving a keen interest on: 


The size of the area:  

The length x height multiplication of the walls gives the total area of the house supposed to cover using paint. Add the figures you have per square foot. If money is a factor, there are some parts of the walls that may not require painting, and these include the trims, windows, and doors. For such reasons, calculate the area covered and subtract from the overall area to give the approximate area that needs painting. Being aware of the approximate area to be painted is useful in determining the accurate prices and the areas required to get the right price estimates for the painting job. 


Ascertain the amount of color needed:  

For a textured surface, a gallon of paint covers approximately 300 square foot while the same gallon caters for approximately 400 square feet on a smooth surface. Hence, the type of surface also plays a significant role in determining the amount of paint in used for the project price determination. 


Calculate the total cost of materials: 

Let’s say you have an average price of between $150 and $300 which can be broken down into (5×$30) and (8×$45) with the $30 and $45 being the prices per gallon of paint are the amounts that needed to be factored in. Please note that this is only the paint part of the project. The price tends to go higher when the miscellaneous come in play. 


Determine labor cost:  

Determining the labor cost is all about knowing the amount of time in hours a laborer or rather, an employee is going to work to complete the whole job. Labor costs are inclusive of the tasks involved in preparing for the job by applying primer, treatment of the problematic areas, caulking, scraping and even washing before commencing the job. Hence, all these should be determined and known how long the job takes. Divide this into the number of hours the multiply with the laborer’s rate. 

To getting the price incurred in a project involving the commercial painter, the labor, and material costs are calculated and then summed up. To be more specific and accurate, the overhead costs also need to be included as well as the extra cost to help cater for any unseen or unprotected necessary equipment or materials for the job. 

A particular and critical point to note is that, as the area increases, painting costs also increase, hence most painters tend to set their labor cost per square foot. Based on the delicate and intricate nature of some art aspects such as the trimming, the preparation processes the obstructions from outdoor and the safety tasks, they considerably have an implication on the painting projects and as such, the painters usually tend to price them differently. Recent findings indicate that for commercial buildings, without consideration of the prep work, costs averaging between $700 and $2000 for the whole project.