Choosing the right color for your deck can be challenging. To most homeowners, the deck’s color is decided when they first purchased the type of wood that is used. However, it is important to note that decks can undoubtedly be painted a different color that can match your home’s whole theme. A simple color for your deck can define your home’s exterior look.

We’ve compiled some Austin painting tips to help you select the best color for your deck. Consider these factors when choosing the right deck color:

Exterior Color of Your House

The exterior color of your home will most likely determine the color of your deck. A common theme for houses in Austin, Texas is a natural look, with wooden finishes and stone designs. In this case, a stain for the deck will do.

For more modern designs, however, the deck can be painted with a plain design to match the house’s exteriors. A black-and-white-themed house can have a grey or white deck, and a house with a theme of blue can have a blue-accented design. As long as the paint colors mix-and-match with the home’s exteriors, any design can work!

Deck Composition

The material used for the deck will affect your color choice. Wooden decks might just need a simple stain, while stone bricks or concrete can be painted over.


If you’re the type of homeowner that likes to go crazy over their color decisions, then don’t be afraid to experiment! Many homeowners find a colorful deck to add more life to their home and a lot of experimental house designs have found a way into the market.

Foot Traffic

If your deck is an area that you frequently use, then you might want to consider painting only specific areas to minimize the amount of paint that will fade away. For example, entryways have obviously higher foot traffic, so a simple stain might do or have it covered by a mat.


If your home makes use of a garden or a natural landscape, then you might want to have your deck painted with natural colors. For example, a wooden landscape can blend well with a dull color for your deck. If it is in front of a flower garden, a brighter color will work best.

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