Repainting any space is one quick way of freshening up your home, but $30 a gallon for premium quality paint is no joke because a medium-sized bedroom requires 2 to 3 gallons of paint. If you are prepared for a new look but only have a few dollars to splurge, these seven ideas will assist you to find and access the paint you need to change the look of your walls without spending a fortune. 

Check your local recycling center 

Recycling centers often take paint from local businesses that need to dispose of old, unused paint. Since paint has a long shelf life, most of the paint thrown away in these centers are still good and usable. The best bit is that you can collect such paints free! 

Stop by the hardware store frequently 

Paint specialty stores, hardware stores and Wal-Marts often have sections for mis-tints where they display and sell discolored paint products for a fraction of its initial cost. For instance, you can buy a $35 gallon of premium quality paint for under $15 at Lowe.  

Invest in better paint 

For paints, the quality you get depends on the amount you are willing to pay. Even though you may not think of going for the most expensive paint products, higher-end paints cover better, prompting the need to use less paint. They are also less messy and tend to be more durable, giving you a long-lasting impression. 

Use primer 

At times, using a primer may not be necessary, but if you are going to paint on raw drywall, wood, stained or rough surfaces, you need to use a primer. Moreover, if you are dramatically changing the color of your surfaces, the primer will help you to paint the cover better, thus the need for lesser paint. One layer of primer and one layer of paint is cheaper than two or three layers of paint. 

Learn to paint like a pro 

More often than note, beginner painters have the tendency to squeeze out all paint from the roller. This rather makes sense, as you would use all the paint on the roller. However, rolling on thicker coats with a lighter touch uses lesser paint and appears more professional. 

Buy in big volume 

Purchasing paint in the 5-gallon can is much cheaper than purchasing it in 1-gallon containers. A 5-gallon bucket of paint could cost about the same as four 1-gallon buckets. That’s almost like getting a whole gallon of free paint! If you are painting a bigger area, pick one color to use for a greater fraction of the surface can save money. 

Cover your rollers and brushes.  

At times, it takes some days to complete a massive painting project. If you feel the need to pause before you finish a paint color, do not rinse the brushes and rollers used like this are only a waste of paint and time! Instead, tightly wrap them in plastic bags and tie with a rubber band. When you are ready to continue the next day, just unwrap, and you are ready to go. 

However, the easiest way of saving on paint is by buying lesser quantities. If you are on a tight budget, consider redecorating your room with an accent wall, rather than painting the entire surface. The other excellent way of upgrading the appearance of a room if you still like the current color scheme is by painting the ceiling with a lighter version of the wall color.