Image by Christian Bros Cabinets CC BY 2.0 Flickr

Painted cabinets are the new trend nowadays, and this happens to be an idea many people love. Many a painting company in Austin also might prefer Austin painting your cabinets. However, for a starting DIY painter in Austin, it is essential to comprehend first the typical mistakes beginners have. Some of the most common blunders to avoid when painting kitchen cabinets include:

Having Unrealistic Expectations

The lovely nature of the cabinets is a good result, but the smooth character they portray is not going to be noticeable, especially if the cabinets happen to have an open grain.  The paint will not cover the grooves on the cabinets and hence the rough aspect of the cabinets. Another thing is that stains on the cabinet surfaces become more evident and visible after the new paint coat dries. Putty is the right material to fill the grains, and this can be a very long and labor-intensive process.

Allocating Insufficient Time

It is a common belief that the application of a new coat of paint is an activity done over the weekend and completed successfully. Well, this a misplaced opinion since even a professional painting service in Austin can even take up to four days and stretch to even a week of the event as the prep time for the job also plays a significant role in the whole paint application job.

Non-Removal of the Drawers and Doors

A very crucial step in the cabinet painting job. Remove all the hardware, such as the hinges and knobs. Pull out the drawers then take off the doors. Mistakes begin to happen the moment people tend to associate painting everything on the cabinet with time-saving. However, it is not an ideal idea as the cabinet hardware is likely to wear very soon and start chipping.

Skipping of Sanding

No matter the condition of the cabinet surfaces, sanding is still an essential process in the cabinet repainting idea, because it helps in the creation of surfaces to which paint can easily stick. Middle-spectrum sandpaper is the best option for this kind of sanding.

Dust-Filled Surface Before Painting

Dust on the cabinet surface creates an impression of one who has painted over sand, and this leads to a rough finish. The correction of such an error involves sanding down all over again and then repainting. To avoid this, a professional Austin painting contractor vacuums up the dirt and debris before engaging in the actual painting process.


It is easy to overlook and skip this particular step, but the consequences are not very pleasant as it leads to almost immediate bleeding of the paint from knots in the wood. The direct result is a fantastic kitchen, but it does not last long. When using a primer, the stain-blocking primer is the best option as blotches are not likely to occur in the curing process of the paint.

Choosing the Wrong Color

It is hard to point out that particular colors are right for the kitchen. Getting it right the first time for the cabinet is crucial because the color choice is not appealing as originally thought. Testing the color type on paper and hanging it strategically in the kitchen location to see whether it matches is a good idea before actually considering the color.

Cheap Paint

A good paint guarantees a smoother finish. Moreover, going for the best paint can be cost-effective especially in the part that involves hiring a professional to do the job. It is easier to do the job alone instead of hiring one. Brush marks at the end of the task should not be a headache as the spray gun, or a smoothing roller can quickly help solve that particular one.

These are only a few of the Austin painting techniques any starting painter in Austin can use. However, if you only want the best for your precious home, talk to the Painting Pro Guys Austin for more painting ideas from the best Austin painting contractor!