Any homeowner would want the best for his or her own home, and painting is one of the best ways to bring new life and color to a house. Some enjoy the fact that painting gives a house a fresh look, but many are afraid to make the decision because of various reasons. Some are hesitant because the wall colors might not match their furnishings, or it may be too bright or too dim compared to their original plan.
Whatever the case, painting a home will be required once every 5-7 years. Wall paints fade, crack, and peel over time, so a paint job once in a while is not just a decorative project but also a necessity.
If you’re still hesitant of getting your walls painted because of wrong color choices, here are some tips to help you select the best paint colors in Austin TX.

Choose Neutral Colors

Many homeowners make the common mistake of choosing very bright or very dark shades of paint for their first painting projects. These colors do stand out more but have a higher risk of failing. Neutral colors, on the other hand, are safe picks especially for those who are new to painting. It will bring about a comfortable and relaxing feeling to a room, without the need for a lot of color planning.

Ask for Help When Using Color Swatches

All paint companies include color swatches to help homeowners mix and match paint colors. However, the challenge of choosing the right colors are still there because of the sheer amount of variety available. That is why it is always best to talk to an Austin painting contractor first to help you decide on the right colors for your home. Tell them about the look your aiming for, whether it’s a lively or calming look, and they can help narrow down your color choices.

Never Forget Your Furniture

Most of the time, furniture is taken out of a room or entirely covered when a painting project is in place. Because of this, it is easy to forget the fact that your furniture has to match the color of your walls. A second opinion is very valuable in this case, such as a painting contractor’s advice, as they will remind you of your color combinations.

Learn About Color Combinations

If you’re looking for a cool and airy look, chrome, glass, and icy blue are good choices – accompanied with a lot of gray tones. A lot of stores have a gray shade swatch that can help you compare colors to designer selections. Blue and lavender tones also bring about a cool atmosphere, with a hint of nature!

Remember, your home’s final appearance will only be as good as the painter. For quality painting services, you can always trust Painting Pro Guys Austin to deliver! Call us today at (512) 865-6580 to kick-start your painting project with a FREE quote!