The high gloss latex paint is simple to apply mainly to the use of rollers. It is also durable besides being easy to scrub with the proper application on the surfaces of walls. The high reflective nature also allows for the brightening of the room. The difficulty it can pose to Austin house painting about its implementation is also unfathomable. Many a residential painter in Austin has even opted for the semi-gloss paint based on the challenging requirements of the high gloss type. However, the desire for a high gloss paint finish calls for lots of patience and individual care to get it correctly.

Prep Work Is Key

For one to get a high-gloss paint on the wall, the preparation stage needs perfect handling from a good residential painter in Austin to make sure to get rid of the initial color remains or any wallpapers. The rough surfaces need sanding to make them smooth. The gaps or holes in the walls need filling accordingly and with the right filters depending on the wall type.

Choosing the Right Applicator

The tool for every job plays a significant role in the overall outcome. Brush and rollers are not on the same level when it comes to painting, and as such, for a high gloss latex paint, it is advisable to go for the best of the best regarding the tool.

Brushes are not relevant options, but should it call for it, then brush with exploded tips and as well as synthetic bristles would do the job. A roller should be a three-eighth inch gap and of synthetic material. Form rollers also make a great tool for latex paint as they can easily fit tight sports and have no brush marks at the end of the job.

A Primer on the Primer

A necessity for high gloss latex paint. Most Austin painting contractors fond of latex paint are not usually sure of the best option when intending to work with a high gloss latex paint and may even go as far as neglecting a primer. The primary function of the primers is to bond the two surfaces together that the old paint and the new one.

For a high gloss, latex paints an oil-based primer is the best option, especially if the underlying color is also oil-based otherwise the latex paint may not stick properly. Paint only amplifies surfaces of walls but not fixing the problems associated with walls.

Thin Coats

A key to succeeding with the high gloss latex. Take care of drips before they become tacky and cause trouble. Drying of the first layer is mandatory before adding the second one, taking up to a day or a day and a half based on the paint additives. In the case of un-assurances, the paint can contain the cure times and should act as a guide. Add the second coat if and only if the first paint cost is dry. Two coats should do the job. If the brush marks remain visible after the second coat after that, add a fragile third layer to cover the marks.

Warning: Lead-Based Paint

Homes constructed before 1978 have very high potentials of having lead-based paints. These are dangerous regarding health to kids who might ingest them. Instances if lead-based paint should result in the immediate contraction of licensed personnel to test the validity followed by hiring of a painting company in Austin to seal the paint. In the case of repainting a lead-based paint, it is prudent to put on the right gear to avoid contact that could otherwise be fatal.

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